Lessons Information

Here is what is included in the each of the 4 hours of ground school. All students are encouraged to attend other students lessons for free as many times as you like to help reinforce what you have learned or are about to learn. Plus below are the 2 hours of water lessons you can take from KSD if you purchase gear from KSD, followed by the free lessons available after you demonstrate mastery of safety and basic board riding skills.

Students must purchase equipment in order to take the 2 water lessons and learn to body drag, get the board on and get up and riding on the board the first time. Students are required to practice on land with other students/kiters/family helping for a couple/few hours to master basic kite skills BEFORE attempting to get in the water with a performance kite. Students are highly encouraged to leave their new board at home in the closet and are strongly requested to practice on land with other students/kiters/family helping for a couple/few hours to master basic water skills especially the body dragging technique to get back without a board ( very important ) BEFORE attempting to get in the water with a kite board and practice the skills learned in hour #4 for the obvious reasons. Students that honor their safetly commitment to my wife and I and master those skills first and are up and safely will recieve the following additional lessons completely free of charge from KSD as a "thank you".

Here are what are really the most important things to know about learning to kitesurf.

KiteSurfDallas teaches most students in 6 one hour private lessons with 2 instructors during each lesson so I'm standing right there by you and not 100ft away like most schools. Each lesson will be scheduled one or more days ahead based on the weather forecast and held after work and on weekends with up to a week in between. A confirmation call 1 - 2 hours will be provided to confirm weather conditions and students will not be asked to take lessons when the conditions do not permit. The lessons are at UTD in Richardson or wherever we are all kiting that day. The beach we kitesurf at is strictly determined by the wind direction for safety. Click on the Local Beaches link to the left to see the main kiting spots in the Dallas area and click on the Calander link below to see where we will be at and come out as often as you like to watch for free. Kites, bar'n'lines, harness and 14 years experience teaching hundreds of 100% injury and incident free kitesurfing lessons are all provided. Originally I taught water ski/wakeboard lessons for FunEd and then was a certified Windurfing instructor for 10 years and taught 300+ sailors in the 90's while I raced windsurfers professionally in TX, Florida, Hawaii and the carribean. Now all that and 14 years of kitesurf teaching experience is available for you to learn to kitesurf completely safely and at the best prices for lessons and gear anywhere.

If you have taken lessons at any "resort" school or a school on the coasts that don't teach what to do in all situations on lakes and want to sell you way too small of a kite for "safety" please come back for my resort course to learn all of the safety techniques needed to kite 100% safely on lakes near Dallas with full size kites that you need here. That will qualify you for an equipment purchase at 30% off any kite in the form of a rebate of your lessons fee so you get exactly what you need and not what someone needs to sell. It's my way of thanking you for being 100% safe and happy at the end of the learning process and so you're ready to join us in the water without any issue or further to do.

To help you envision my sports education philosophy know that after only a couple years of teaching in local lakes I found that spreading the lessons out over 3 - 5 weeks has proven to be very effective in giving you time to learn the large amount of information and skills involved and have time to practice on your own equipment outside of lessons to save money. To facilitate this students are loaned a small trainer kite with leash and are given exercises to practice for a couple hours in between the first four lessons to make your time during the lessons the most beneficial. Also to progress faster and since I'm almost always out teaching or working on jumps when it's windy (18+ mph) I encourage you to attend for free when I'm giving other students lessons to watch and learn for free - not offered by any other school - or just show up on windy days when I don't have a lesson just to watch and learn freeriding. Just check my calander below to see when I'm teaching and call first to confirm before showing up for free additional/repeat lessons.

Experience with many students returning from lessons at other schools has taught me that 4 or 5 hours or a single weekend with Jet Ski support and no real solo safety training simply is not nearly enough to learn to fly a kite on your own safely in lakes without a personal Jet Ski butler. That's just the reallity of it! So if you have taken one or more 3 hour courses at another school around the country or abroad and you feel "nervous" about kiting on your own the first time, you're not alone, and for good reason. Please contact me about my safety and water "Resort Course" lessons to complete the training you need for only $140 for 2 hours ( compare to $100/hr for continuing private classes at most schools). Your lessons here will be at Lake Ray Hubbard, Lewissville and Grapevine wind permitting and you will progress from land kiting, to safe shallow water kiting in protected coves with sandy beaches all the way up to deep water kiting. It's our goal to help you learn to choose and correctly deal with all conditions and locations and to teach you multiple safety rescue techniques by the end of the lessons. That's why KiteSurfDallas has a 100% safety record for over a decade.

At the beginning of your lessons you get an hour of help choosing the right size kite and board plus an additional 1/2 hour help rigging and using them the first time - both for FREE when you purchase from KiteSurfDallas. Students will also get an additonal 10% off on most gear to help KSD sell out of all inventory by the summer. Click the "Click to buy" image on the top right to see the kites and boards currently in stock or arriving soon or have me special order a package to custom fit your size and skill. It takes 3 days to a week to arrive.

Here is the 2013 waiting list of students that have signed up for Resort Course or full lessons and are finishing them now or are waiting to be contacted by me for their first lesson - Terry Brown, Greg Schucany (Resort), Justin Dickerson, Lori Ruso, Diego Lorenzo (Ground), Marci (Ground), Charles McGrath, Chad Billings (Ground), Pam Dolbery, Kris Singer, Will Rose (Resort), Marlon (mini-Resort) and waiting are Christi White, Jon Pittard, John Ramfiled, Juan Salazar, Ryan Roche, Ryszard Rudol. I'm contacting them one by one to come watch early or start lessons as folks graduate from the school one by one

Here is the 2013 graduated students - James Lougheed (Resort), Zak (Resort).

PLEASE check the Accuweather Hourly Forecast, your personal schedule and the KiteSurfDallas Lesson Calendar and then contact me to add your remaining lessons to the windy open spot you found in the calendar . It's that easy and exactly what you will do when you finish lessons and want to ride or would like to go when I'm out there for a little help! Eventually you will ignore my schedule and just go when it blows!

If you have a lesson that is already scheduled, or you want to come watch me give lessons from a distance, or if you've pre-paid to watch lessons up close, check the KiteSurfDallas Lesson Calendar 1 hour before a lesson is scheduled to start to confirm the time and location. Feel free to call me 1 hour before the start time to confirm. I try to always update any changes to the calendar before 1 hour in advance and I try to always call the scheduled student 1 hour before hand as well.

Finally, email me letting me know if you want to be added to the list. If you want to learn right the first time, and faster with no incidents, it will be worth the wait. If not the only school I currently recommend for true high quality safety and riding training is AirPadre in S. Padre Island, TX if you can get the Captain as your instuctor.

Have a rippin day - Zing