Hi, I'm "Zing" - a.k.a. Mike Sainz - owner and instructor at KiteSurfDallas.com.

I've been a full time web developer and part time certified waterski, wakeboard, windsurfing and kitesurf instructor in Dallas since 1986 and I founded KSD in 1999 to serve the special needs of inland kiters to have a totally safe way to learn and kite in local winds and lakes. I've taught over 400 students 100% injury free and no student has ever reported an injury after lessons. All new students will be patiently helped to learn to do the same and will be required to master all aspects of safety before moving to the board lesson and graduation.

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4/30/2013 - In order to clear our schedule for 100% fun and vacations starting 2014 KiteSurfDallas is closing after 15 years of 100% injury free lessons and students. We are only taking students that purchase a complete kite/bar/harness/board package, and the 10 and 12m TS kites are only available as part of a package as they are my new TS's. In order to complete selling all of our inventory by the end of sping we are offering 30 - 60% off all equipment to close it out. Click the Gear For Sale image above right to see the new closeout prices until it's all gone.

We offer a $420 6 hour lesson program to all students that purchase equipment at the beginning of lessons that include 2 hours of my required safety training with 2 people helping you so I'm right beside you the whole time until you are launching your kite safely. Students are encouraged to also attend for free when other students are taking their lessons as often as you like to help reinforce the skills being learned. Once you are done with your lessons I offer FREE upwind and jumping lessons while I'm out kiting as a reward to anyone, not just my students, who masters safety first. All this far exceeds what is taught by most PASA and IKO certified instructors and at a far lower price. Click on the Lessons image on the top left for all the details.

KiteSurfDallas is the only incident and injury free kitesurf school in Texas now for 14 years dedicated to teaching kitesurfing safely on N Texas lakes and anywhere in the world you may find yourself kiting. KSD is a Best and Mystic authorized retailer of new and used kites, boards and accessories providing both the most popular and best warrantied equipment available today. Click the manafacturers images on the left side of this page for your research.

I've taught over 400 people to kite incident free at all the local spots for 14 years and I'm reknowned for my dedication to safety so additional 1 hour lessons are available for any student that needs more time to master safety skills for $70 each.

Either way 1) you will be learning the same system that all my students have used to kite safely here for 14 years so you can ask half the kiters on the beach for help at any point, 2) your safety lessons will be given with 2 instructors so I'll be right beside you the whole time and not 100 ft away, 3) all students can attend anytime I'm teaching other students for reinforcement, 4) I'll go with you in the water for your body drags if you like and 5) all students willrecieve assistance with a custom practice schedule that you will use after my lessons and before you take your new board out the first time to stay 100% safe.

This whole program is far less profitable for me than the system almost all other schools use, but I'm different in that work full time 9-5 as a computer programmer for money and I've been teaching kitesurfing in Dallas since '97 so I can afford to do lessons right I've been freestyle wakeboarding since High School, jumping/racing/teaching windsurfing for 23 years, kiting for 15 years (doing 1,000's of jumps a year ), I'm completing my P3 paraglide rating, I'm taking soar plane lessons, and just becane solo qualiffied at a local car racing school...and have never been to an ER. So safety and patience are my 2 main requirements. Students must remain commited to learning to be 100% incident free, to continue my schools 14 year 100% safety record ( I sleep perfect at night this way) so I'll be happy to refund all un-used lesson fees at any time for any reason, yours or mine.

For all the information about lessons click the "Click for Lessons" image on the top left and check out a couple testimonials below...Click my email address above or call my cell beside it. Have a rippin day!

"I went out yesterday and for the first time I stayed out for like an hour and half and stayed up wind and walked back up the launch spot. It was great!!! I know I have a long way to go to get where I wanna be, but it makes me think about the long journey from when I met you at Starbucks for my first lesson. I wish I could say that I never felt like giving up, but some days it felt like I would never get going. I just wanted to say thanks for getting me going and for all the mini free lessons along the way." - Richard Hernandez, Irving Texas

"While RV-ing around the country this summer, I decided that, at age 54, I wanted to learn to kitesurf! I took one lesson while in the Outer Banks and then bought a trainer kite. After practicing with my trainer kite I was ready for another lesson. I found Zing on the internet when we were headed toward Dallas. I thought I had some good instruction during my first lesson and was surprised at how much more I learned from Zing. He was very thorough with the safety aspects and very patient and encouraging with me. His explanations were great and really helped me put it all together. I had a blast and wish I still lived in Dallas so I could take more lessons from Zing! Janet V, Tucson, AZ."

“I’ve taken lessons for a week in Cape Hatteras and a few in Hawaii. I felt I had I received 90% the instruction I needed from those lessons. I knew I needed a little more to feel confident before really getting going with my own gear, Zing came recommended by kiters I’ve met in the area. Zing’s lessons took me well beyond what I had learned from any other instructor. I soon realized I only knew 50% of what was needed to get going. He is thorough and takes the time needed to give you the skills not only to have fun but to survive in a bad situation. The others schools had skipped this entirely. To me, Zing’s lessons are unmatched. James Meeker - Murphy, Texas”

"I started using Zing’s instruction after I learned the basics at a world-renowned training facility in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. I was shocked about how little I knew about safety and what to do if I got into trouble. Zing provided great instruction and on the water training that were essential for me making the big step of transitioning from instructor-assisted sailing to going solo. I found Zing to be extremely helpful in selection of the proper equipment, and I found his prices were better than all the large shops on the internet. I would recommend Zing to any of my friends that are considering entering the sport. Len Blackwell Plano, TX"